Working Out Our Salvation

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Catholic Fitness Training: M.A. in Biblical Theology Student and Trainer

By Hannah Dorss

Jordan Friske, a current theology student at JPCatholic, isn’t waiting until he’s graduated to start ministering to Catholics; his passions are Theology of the Body, the unity of body and soul, the Catholic faith, and working out. Over the past year, Jordan has been translating his passions into action through establishing a company called Catholic Fitness Training (CFT). His company bridges the gap between body and soul, intersecting both planes. Through CFT, Jordan provides personal training and Catholic catechesis for clergy and laity alike. Jordan is a firm believer in healthy body and healthy soul going together, with virtue being developed through the discipline of working out.

Jordan created Catholic Fitness Training to be a Catholic workout training company with both online and in-person components. Jordan’s company is based out of Southern California, where he is pursuing an M.A. in Biblical Theology at John Paul the Great Catholic University. In SoCal, he leads in-person group workouts, where prayer and Catholic catechesis has a primary place. Every workout begins with a prayer and intention for which the workout is being offered. After the workout, there is an ending reflection, revolving around some part of Catholic doctrine. For the online workouts, there is the same spiritual component and accountability, with skype meetings available for further coaching and training.

During Catholic Fitness Training workouts, the focus is on developing body and soul together, with the emphasis on becoming more virtuous. Jordan explains that Catholic Fitness Training’s focus on health, virtue, discipline, and integrity of body and soul is very different than most programs. “The workout industry is so sexualized,” Jordan laments. He explains that Catholic Fitness Training focuses not primarily on appearance, but rather on learning about the true value of our bodies and souls.

Through the catechesis and the workouts, Jordan aims to instill in his clients the realization that their bodies are sacraments or signs of their souls. He hopes that through the workouts, good change will be achieved by those who participate. Jordan explains, “we start exercising to change the interior of both our body and soul.”

Ultimately, however, Catholic Fitness Training recognizes that God and His glory is primary, even in working out. “The primary focus,” he explains, “is glorifying God by taking care of the body He has given us.”


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