Three Coins in the Fountain: Movie Review

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— By Timmerie Millington —

I recently watched the Golden Age film, Three Coins in the Fountain for the first time on Netflix.  This is a classic movie everyone should watch.  Three Coins in the Fountain will leave you reflecting on relationships, deception, and sacrifices, and not to mention nostalgically musing on time spent in Rome or pining for future adventures in the eternal city.

We often long for good stories with dynamic male and female characters who, yes, make mistakes but also learn from them without putting down either of the sexes.  Some might take offense that a movie could make it on the screen telling the stories of women seeking marriage because they want someone to ‘look after them’, but then those strong-willed romantics would miss the greater points of the story. We’ll look at this more a little bit later along with what seems to be a negative light shed on a woman who tries to gain the regard of a man by pretending to like the same things he does.

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