Ep. 5 – Storytelling and Social Media Marketing – Interview with Briana Maggio

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The Cultivating Creativity Podcast features interviews with creative professionals on their career paths, overcoming obstacles, and their insights for those just starting out. The podcast is produced by John Paul the Great Catholic University, and hosted by Tyler Carlos (MBA in Film Producing alumnus).

Briana Maggio, Promotions Manager at Yellow Line Digital, shares how her film education evolved into a marketing career, why storytelling is important for branding, and common mistakes people make when advertising on social media.

Briana graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville with a degree in Communications Media, followed by an MBA in Film Producing at JPCatholic (Class of 2015). She has been working at Yellow Line Digital since 2015. As Promotions Manager, she develops social media strategies for brands in the lifestyle, education, and advocacy spaces.