The Cultivating Creativity Podcast Ep. 4 – Designer Nate Sjogren

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The Cultivating Creativity Podcast features interviews with creative professionals on their career paths, overcoming obstacles, and their insights for those just starting out. The podcast is produced by John Paul the Great Catholic University, and hosted by Tyler Carlos (MBA in Film Producing alumnus).

Designer Nate Sjogren on Art as a Vocation

In this episode, Nate Sjogren discusses how he started his career in motion graphics, how to overcome creative blocks in the design process, and how JPII’s Letter to Artists can provide inspiration for creative professionals. Nate has worked for nearly a decade at Drive Studio, producing logos, motion graphics, and branding for the FIFA World Cup, the NFL, NBC Sports, National Geographic, and more. Nate is also an alumnus of John Paul the Great Catholic University (’11) and currently teaches motion graphics at his alma mater.