The Cultivating Creativity Podcast Ep. 2 – Animator Colin Brady

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The Cultivating Creativity Podcast features interviews with creative professionals on their career paths, overcoming obstacles, and their insights for those just starting out. The podcast is produced by John Paul the Great Catholic University, and hosted by Tyler Carlos (MBA in Film Producing alumnus).

Pixar Veteran Colin Brady on Balancing Work, Family, and Faith

In this episode, Colin Brady shares how he got started in the animation industry, as well as how he strives to balance his busy career with faith and family. Colin’s extensive career includes work on Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, The Hunger Games, and Hugo, and he’s worked with filmmakers such as George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and Martin Scorsese. He is currently Head of Animation at the Emmy-award winning VFX studio Pixomondo and is also an adjunct professor at John Paul the Great Catholic University.