Shades Republic: An Alumni Startup on the Rise

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— By Hannah Dorss —

Tyler Pearson is an entrepreneur at heart and a graduate from JPCatholic’s Business program. In 2014, he started a novel, user-inclusive sunglass subscription company with the help of his wife. The company, Shades Republic, exists to permanently solve the problem of lost, broken sunglasses. He and his wife, who is the marketing director of the company, hope to grow and expand in the coming years, beating their competitors through their stellar customer service and the high quality design of their sunglasses.

Shades Republic sets itself apart from its competitors—other sunglass subscription companies and Amazon—by allowing its patrons the freedom to choose their style of sunglasses instead of simply delivering a random, boring pair every month. Tyler says, “People want to choose the things they wear, so with Shades Republic you get all the freedom you want.”

This philosophy of personalism drives Shades Republic to produce shades that customers will be more than satisfied with. The styles and colors are classic, yet varied, and the glasses themselves are quality and durable.

Their sunglasses aside, Shades Republic sets itself apart by their attitude of service and personal touch with their clients. Tyler recounts an occurrence that illustrates their customer service model. He says, “I had a customer text an order in, and I was able to fulfill the order all through text – convenience and utility are key.”

Building a start-up company brings some definite challenges as well as many joys. Challenges for Tyler’s company mainly revolve around competition. The biggest competitor is actually Amazon, because many people love the convenience and service it provides. Shades Republic, however, is committed to personalization and quality design and hopes to beat out Amazon through clinging to these values and through heavy marketing. Some of the joys in these beginning times are simple things–notifications of new customers, excited comments from clients, and the like.

Tyler credits JPCatholic with helping him found Shades Republic. His education and formation at the university taught him to focus on the customers, providing them with value because they deserve it. JPCatholic also encouraged him to dream. He explains, “JPCatholic gave me a sense of anything can be done.” With a solid education in media and business strategies and a passionate courage to pursue his dreams, Tyler Pearson is an entrepreneur ready to conquer the world.