Alumni Successfully Launch ‘The Catholic Card Game’

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“Stop your prayers to St. Jude, because here it is: a game that is made by Catholics, for Catholics. Finally, a party game that is everything you could hope for. Well, it doesn’t guarantee salvation, but it’s fun, witty, and contains inside jokes that only Catholics would understand.”

Matt and Lisa Martinusen both graduated from John Paul the Great Catholic University in fall 2015, having studied Entrepreneurial Business and Film Directing, respectively. The couple met at JPCatholic, married just after graduation, and now live with their two children in St. Paul, Minnesota.

After launching their Kickstarter campaign for “The Catholic Card Game” on January 16th, they received an explosion of interest for the party game. Last week the project was successfully funded, and it continues to climb above its $22k goal, opening up the opportunity for various stretch goals. We interviewed them to learn more:

Q. What do you currently do for a living?

Matt: I am a Senior Digital Marketing Specialist for a company that specializes in marketing for higher education institutions.

Lisa: I am the co-founder of Martinusen Inc… a.k.a. I am home with our son and our baby on the way. I get employee of the month almost every month. I worked before having kids and after our first was born, however, I didn’t like dividing my time between my family and my job. Fortunately, Matt’s job and never-ending creativity have given me the freedom to be at home full time.

Q. Tell us a little bit about The Catholic Card Game. What was the inspiration for it, and how long did it take to develop/launch it?

Matt: The game is a take on an adaptation of Prompt/Answer games; we made ours specifically for Catholics, hence its name. It has almost 500 cards that are inspired completely by the Church and all its inside jokes. I saw something about an I.T. version and thought that I could make a completely Catholic one. I had the idea in April of 2017 and Lisa and I have been developing it since then.

Q. What main goal do you hope to accomplish with the launching of The Catholic Card Game?

Matt: Launching side projects like this is my passion. I love the process of having an idea and making it a reality. I want to make products for millennial Catholics because I believe we are severely underserved in the marketplace.

Lisa: Well, first off – Matt had such an awesome idea I wanted to support his goal. Second – We have two kids under 2 so…extra income is great. This was a great idea to create something Catholic together that we thought people would want and that could increase our income and not take away from our family time. It’s been ideal for our family.

Q. How did your time at JPCatholic prepare you for the development of this game?

Matt: JPCatholic was the place that I really came to know more about my faith in the Theology programs. Actually, there are a lot of cards are inspired by things we learned while living in community with other Catholics. From an education side of things, I learned that products need to satisfy a need or a want in the market. I believed that the market was hungry for a game like this and was confident in us to be able to satisfy that need with a completely Catholic game.

Lisa: My time at the school heavily impacted the creativity that went into the game. I was constantly around awkward Catholics like myself. Boom…there is half the cards! Also, the theological education I received was incredible. Not only did it help with creating the game but it is helping me with the work I am doing now: being a mom and a wife (yay for M.R.S. degrees!). I never imagined classes could form me so much.

Their campaign ends on February 15th, so head on over to their Kickstarter page to reserve your copy of the game!