Finding My Path at Skydance Media

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(Pictured: An image from the upcoming film Geostorm, created by Skydance Media).

— By Tyler Carlos, 2016 Graduate —

During my final quarter in the MBA in Film Producing program at John Paul the Great Catholic University, I had the opportunity to intern at Skydance Media, a diversified media company that creates feature films, television, and interactive platforms. My internship at Skydance Media not only taught me so much about working in an office and in the film industry, but also helped me figure out my personal and professional goals for working in the film industry.

To be perfectly honest, if someone had asked me what I wanted to do before going into this internship, I would have simply said that I was open to a lot of things. I would have said that there are so many different areas I am interested in, that it would feel weird to pick just one. I would have said that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to work in pre-production or production. In short, I would have just waited to see what came along.

Since working and talking with executives and assistants at Skydance, I now have a clear vision of what I want to do in the film industry. My new goal is to work in television development as a Creative Executive for a production company. A Creative Executive is the person at a production company who, after obtaining a creative property (book, script, etc.), works to get the project off the ground. This is a job that is, no doubt, is a very long way off. But I’m in this for the long haul.

I am now so thankful that Skydance helped me figure out what I want to be, because now I have a direction. I can now make decisions based on whether those decisions will bring me closer to my goal.

As for my other experiences at Skydance Media, I had the opportunity to learn from many of the assistants about what it is like to work in an entertainment office, and what it is like to work for film executives. Let me tell you, it’s definitely no walk in the park. On the contrary, it is actually quite tough and intimidating. As an assistant, you are the person who maintains an executive’s professional schedule and relationships. It is a huge responsibility, because there are deals worth millions of dollars between these executives. Everything must go right on our end, because one small mistake can end a deal.

Something I love about Skydance is that they strive to create a positive culture, and every executive that I met was very welcoming and professional. I hope that, in my professional job hunt, I will have the opportunity to work for executives similar to those at Skydance.

Perhaps the most important thing Skydance taught me is just how important it is to create AND maintain relationships. Every professional I talked with emphasized the significance of networking. This is how you grow in the industry. I am very lucky to have made some great connections at Skydance, both personal and professional. I plan to stay in touch with many of my co-workers and supervisors at Skydance, and I hope that I have the opportunity to work with them in the future.

My time at Skydance was a wonderful experience. I am sad that my time there has ended, but I am grateful for having had the experience. I am certain the lessons I learned there will stick with me for the rest of my career. The lessons I learned there, along with those given to me by JPCatholic, have uniquely prepared me to venture into the world of Hollywood. I understand that my journey will not always be easy, but I have never felt more prepared for anything in my life.

And so it begins…