Early: A Reflection on Miscarriage & the Dignity of Life

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This post was originally published on the blog “Timmerie: Catholic Speaker and Radio Host.” Timmerie Millington, who runs the blog, is a JPCatholic graduate who works at Life Choice Crisis Pregnancy Center and is the co-host of the Catholic Answers radio show “Hearts and Minds” with Trent Horn.

This is a guest post by my dear friend Michelle Pallisco who works with me regularly contributing feedback, idea, and support for my work.  


I’m usually a very closed book. I don’t feel comfortable sharing much about my experiences or myself, but after scrolling through Facebook on International Women’s Day I felt the need to speak up. I noticed a Facebook comment on a post about Planned Parenthood. The young woman commenting was defending abortion with the idea that before a certain number of weeks, ending a pregnancy was simply removing an unwanted clump of cells from a woman’s body.

After seeing this comment and all the support it was receiving, I wondered how many other young girls – and boys think this way? We are told over and over by pro-choice groups that in the early weeks of pregnancy that the child is simply a mass of cells and that there is absolutely no harm in removing those unwanted cells – somewhat like having a tooth pulled or removing a wart. Many young people who haven’t experienced a pregnancy, miscarriage, or abortion hear this idea and accept it.

I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks, which is considered extremely early. Many women don’t know they are pregnant yet at this stage. The doctor even told me to consider it just a “big period” or a “chemical pregnancy”. During the miscarriage I was extremely vigilant whenever I went to the bathroom or changed my pad because I hated the idea that my baby would be flushed down the toilet or thrown away. After an excruciating set of cramps I found my baby after he or she has passed from my body.

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