Creating Content: Advice from a Spanish TV CEO

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The following article is part of a reflection from the “Hollywood Mentor Series.” Through the Hollywood Mentor Series students in JPCatholic’s MBA in Film Producing program get the opportunity to meet and network with a variety of top executives and professionals in all sectors of the film industry in Los Angeles. MBA graduate Tyler Carlos shares the lessons he learned from these meetings:

“Pick a lane, and stay in that lane.” This was the advice from Mr. Oscar Ordaz, the president and CEO of Cuatro Television, a Spanish television channel.

We began the session with Ordaz giving us the history of cable television, leading up to where it is now. Yes, we’ve heard many times that TV has come a long way since its inception, but it was fascinating to have it shown to us in such a visual way.

Afterward, Ordaz moved on to Cuatro Television, and stressed that content is KING. Ordaz said if we are not creating content, then we are not doing our job. His advice on creating content was simple: identify your lane. We are content creators, but we have to know where we want to end up. Once we identify where we want to end up, then we have a direction and the opportunities will present themselves.

Ordaz suggested that when starting off in the industry we may have better opportunities with big companies, because smaller companies want people with more experience. This doesn’t mean that opportunities in smaller companies aren’t available, but that they are much more competitive. Ordaz explained that larger companies are always looking for new people to do lower level jobs. If that means the mailroom, then the mail room it is. Any position in the company gets our foot in the door, and gives us the opportunity to meet with working professionals face to face; that experience is the most valuable thing we can get from a job.

Ordaz then told us how technology is continually changing content delivery, and shared what he thinks we can expect to see in our careers. Currently companies like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are succeeding with online streaming, since many millenials are choosing not to pay for conventional content delivery. In the future, Ordaz believes that virtual reality will be the standard, and explained how production companies are already working on perfecting the technology.

Ordaz left us with his advice of “pick a lane and stay in that lane.”  This does not mean that other roads will not branch off of the lane, but we must know our lane. And we must find mentors, who will help us as we travel along the path. He left us hopeful, believing that there are so many opportunities awaiting us in this industry. The industry is changing, and we get to be a part of that change.

— By Tyler Carlos, 2016 JPCatholic Graduate —