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Year of the Spider: Why Spider-Man Had the Best 2018

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– By Tyler Carlos – (Spoilers Below for Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse and Avengers: Infinity War) *** “With great power comes great responsibility.” It seems like we’ve heard those words too many times to count since the first Spider-Man film was released in 2002. Since the release of that film, starring Toby Maguire, there have been …

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‘Fantastic Beasts’ and the Inconsistent Canon of the Wizarding World

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– By Tyler Carlos – Spoilers Below for both Fantastic Beasts movies and the Harry Potter series The Wizarding World just got a little bit bigger. After 2 years of waiting, the second installment of JK Rowling’s newest expansion of the Wizarding World has finally hit the big screen. Released on November 16, Fantastic Beasts: …

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Why Animated Shows Like ‘Avatar’ and ‘The Dragon Prince’ Aren’t Just For Kids

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– By Tyler Carlos – Spoilers Below Traditionally, there has always been a hard line between television shows that are for adults and what television shows are for children, and we still see it everywhere in media today. Most television series aimed at grown-up audiences appear on the traditional networks, like ABC and NBC, or …