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Hobbes and Shaw’s Attempt at Equality, and Why It Comes Up Short

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– By Marielle Cuccinelli – The Fast and the Furious franchise is home to some of the most epically misogynist films I’ve ever seen. The series started in the early 2000s – the merry old days when it was totally cool for filmmakers to be openly, blatantly, incredibly sexist and objectifying. Some of the most …

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“Shootable” Shows: 6 High-Quality, Low Budget Projects To Inspire Indie Filmmakers

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– By Matthew Sawczyn – Recently, I re-listened to the 2015 South By Southwest Keynote address given by Mark Duplass, in which he laid out what may still be the greatest way for filmmakers to jumpstart their careers. He advocated for low budget solutions, reliable resources, and simple sets. And for those of us just …

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Seeing the World in Black and White: What’s the Appeal of Decolorizing Movies?

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– By Joe Campbell – When CBS released their reboot of Twilight Zone this year, they surprised everyone by releasing a black and white version of each episode side-by-side with the original “color” versions.  This was a publicity stunt meant to bring audiences back to the memory of the original ‘60s show they grew up …