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‘The Chosen’: A Fresh Take on the Life of Christ

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By Matthew Sawczyn If you’ve ever been blessed to visit the Holy Land, or have spoken with someone who has, a common description is that the Gospels suddenly felt real. Seeing the dirt, the water, the sky under which Jesus walked… there is an indescribable tangibility to the Faith that hits the pilgrim. Jesus really existed (I mean, really existed); …

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Quibi: Fad or the Future?

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– By Joe Campbell – Two years ago, I wrote an article entitled iPhone Filmmaking: Fad, or the Future?.  At the time, some filmmakers were experimenting with shooting feature films completely on smartphones and I wondered if this inexpensive and accessible form of filmmaking would open doors for low budget directors.  While it now seems that smartphone filmmaking was indeed …

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Invisible Men: How H. G. Wells’ Famous Novel Has Been Adapted with the Times

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– By Joe Campbell – (The following article contains spoilers). As a Universal monster, the Invisible Man has always fascinated me.  Unlike Dracula, the Wolf Man, or The Mummy, there isn’t anything seemingly monstrous about him from the outset.  He’s just a regular man who disappears. Yet he continues to hold a steady place alongside Universal’s other monsters. One would …

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Looking for the Good Place

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– By Joe Campbell – (The following contains spoilers for all four seasons of The Good Place, including the series finale). Last week saw the end of the beloved fantasy comedy show The Good Place. The hour-long series finale was a bittersweet culmination of four seasons and multiple interconnected character arcs. There were tearful goodbyes and mature growth. It has …

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Language Love – Around the World in Oscars Gold

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By Matthew Sawczyn This month, the Academy Awards marked a moment in history for Hollywood and cinema: for the first time in its ninety-two year history, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded its coveted “Best Picture” award to an entirely non-English language film, Korean writer-director Bong Joon-ho’s tragicomedy Parasite. In honor of Parasite, here are five other …

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‘Children Will Listen’: The Christian Wisdom of Stephen Sondheim

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By Sam Hendrian “Careful the things you say/Children will listen/Careful the things you do/Children will see/And learn” –Into the Woods Solid parenting advice, for sure. This is just one set of lyrics from the vast catalogue of legendary stage composer/lyricist Stephen Sondheim, who turns 90 next month. His wit and wisdom permeates some of Hollywood and Broadway’s greatest morality tales—West …

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Should I #BoycottNetflix? (Part 1 of 2)

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By James Powers Back around Christmas, there was a big furor about an incident of apparent blasphemy on Netflix. A comedy special called The First Temptation of Christ had recently premiered on the streaming service, and portrayed, well… a gay Jesus bringing his boyfriend home to meet the family, among other things. Oof. The film, produced by Brazilian comedy troupe …

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‘1917’: No Greater Love

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– By Matthew Sawczyn – Among the gorgeous visuals and bombastic explosions, there’s one brief moment in director Sam Mendes’ 1917 that truly encapsulates this tale’s theme of brotherhood and sacrifice. It’s a “blink and you miss it” line, an offhand act, subtle but powerful. The movie begins with two soldiers resting underneath a tree: Lance Corporal Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman) …

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The Impractical Nature of Dreams in ‘Rudy’

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By Sam Hendrian This article is part of our Classic Film Throwback Series. “Well, you know what my dad always says: Having dreams is what makes life tolerable.” Technically speaking, the word “dream” is synonymous with “hope,” “goal,” “aspiration,” and several other abstract nouns. Yet it seems to operate on a whole level of its own, transcending any concrete definition …

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‘The Aeronauts’: A Glimpse at the Birth of Weather Exploration

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– By Maria Andress – Released worldwide on Amazon Prime, The Aeronauts may look like an unlikely film to garner high praise; However, it is doing just that. Based on the book “Falling Upward: How We Took to the Air” by Richard Holmes and starring Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones, this film is an excellent example of a period of …