Myles Creek

Alumni Spotlight: Myles Creek

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Myles Creek is a 2016 graduate of the Masters of Arts in Biblical Theology program at John Paul the Great Catholic University. He is now teaching theology to students at a Catholic high school in Lafayette.

The Masters of Arts in Biblical Theology program at John Paul the Great Catholic University challenged Myles Creek both intellectually and spiritually. Though Myles was initially daunted by the rigorous and fast-paced program, he says it definitely helped him grow as a man, a theologian, and a member of the Catholic Church.

When Dr. Barber and Dr. Kincaid began teaching Myles’ class, they lost no time in emphasizing the importance of spiritual and academic integration for their students. Myles says he learned the importance of relying on prayer, especially amidst the acute academic challenges of the one-year MA program track.

Myles’ interest in Biblical Theology began while he was an undergraduate at the University of Louisiana. While at school, Myles attended theology classes taught by his campus minister and chaplain. Eventually, he began to listen to talks by prominent Catholic scholars including Dr. Michael Barber, a professor at JPCatholic. It did not take long for Myles to realize that JPCatholic’s Biblical Theology curriculum was perfectly suited to his goals, which included increasing his knowledge of the Sacred Page and of his Catholic faith.

Dr. Kincaid and Dr. Barber truly impressed Myles by their wisdom, encouragement, and help throughout his year at JPCatholic. Besides attending classes with Drs. Barber and Kincaid, he enjoyed getting to know them on a personal level by sharing dinners with them and his fellow students. Dr. Barber and Dr. Kincaid’s references to saints such as St. Thomas Aquinas as examples of great theologians inspired Myles to strive for knowledge and love of God simultaneously. He comments, “Dr. Barber and Dr. Kincaid are both fantastic teachers—both fantastic role models. They’re both just phenomenal and I brag about them everywhere I go.” Myles looks to them for inspiration in his journey toward mature manhood and excellence as a teacher.

All in all, Myles Creek couldn’t be happier with his experience of the Masters of Arts in Biblical Theology program at JPCatholic. He affirms that the MA program definitely fulfilled his expectations by being academically rigorous and spiritually formative. Myles’ knowledge of Scripture and of his Catholic faith has grown immensely because of the program. “The MA in Biblical Theology is awesome,” he concludes enthusiastically. “Dr. Barber and Dr. Kincaid are awesome. Jesus is awesome. I just love it here.”