Alumni Spotlight: Bridget Lappert Salisbury

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Position: Communications Associate at The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty
Year of Graduation: 2012
Major/Emphasis: Entertainment Media/ Emphasis in Producing
Could you describe what your job entails?
I’m on the in-house communications team at The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a non-profit, public interest law firm in Washington, DC that protects the religious freedom of people of all faiths. We are a small team, so I have the opportunity to do a variety of things. I do a little bit of project management, some media training of clients for television and radio interviews, scheduling and planning shoots to capture and share the stories of our clients, photography, media relations, coalition building, and social media management

How did you find that job?
My husband (also a JPCatholic alum) is a partner at a digital communications agency, Yellow Line Digital; the Becket Fund is one of their clients. I met Kristina Arriaga, Becket’s executive director, at a Catholic Information Center event here in DC and we really hit it off. My experience and passion for the mission of Becket were a perfect fit and the next day she called and asked if I’d like to work on their team.

How did JPCatholic prepare you for your job?
One of the most formative experiences I had at JP was working on Red Line. Like everyone who worked on the film, I wore a lot of hats on the project. I learned that so much of filmmaking is just solving problems. It’s expecting the unexpected and doing your best to solve whatever problems arise with grace and a smile. Whether it was grabbing coffee for my exhausted producer or figuring out how to get power to our talent’s RV, I think being willing to just figure things out, do the work, and expect no credit went a long way towards building my own character and gaining valuable experience. That has paid off a number of times here in my job at Becket.

What did you enjoy most about your time at JPCatholic?
The people. While I was in school I didn’t realize how rare it was to have professors and peers who truly cared about my growth as both a child of God and a professional communicator. That’s an incredible gift. One that I’m thankful for daily.

What’s the best piece of advice you could give a prospective student interested in studying producing?
Do the work. Pray first. But then just do the work with a smile and humility. It won’t always be glamorous and there won’t always be a credit or award involved. There is value in good work done well, no matter how small the task or line item. Listen to people who have more experience than you do. Drink coffee. Pray. And learn how to hold your liquor at parties.