A Culmination of Skills: Graduating Students Tackle Final Projects

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The following short films and documentaries are Senior Projects and MBA Thesis Projects of students at John Paul the Great Catholic University graduating in 2017.  Both undergraduate and graduate students at JPCatholic must complete an extensive project that builds upon all the skills they have learned in their studies. Please use the links provided to learn more about each project.  To learn more about the process of creating these projects click here.




“Within” is a physiological thriller about a woman named Lucy who has been imprisoned in her house.  The knock of a stranger on the front door offers a glimmer of hope for Lucy.  The film deals with issues of loss and isolation, and the truth that everyone needs to let someone in who can offer peace.

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“La Oportunidad”

When her seventeen year-old daughter starts applying to college against her wishes, Fatima, a Mexican mail carrier, must choose between standing by her daughter’s dream for a better future, or halting the opportunity of a lifetime. 

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“Chirp, Buzz, & Other Sensations”

This coming-of-age comedy follows the story of Angie Belle, the poster child for the ideal fifteen-year-old Christian daughter, but her devout faith is tested to her limits when sexual feelings conjure up unexpectedly toward her best friend, Lenny.

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“Windfall Rising”

An old grape farmer who has committed his life to preserving the vineyard that has been in his family for generations comes under attack when a young business man sets up a grape stand across from his, stealing his customers and business. It is not until this competition arrives that the farmer learns to adapt and survive to keep what he loves alive.

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“Arch” is a story about the adventure between a young girl and the giant war machine that she befriends, set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.  “Arch” explores the dynamics of friendship, self-sacrifice as the ultimate form of love, divine intervention, and the biblical history and interpretation of Angels and Demons.

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“The Maasai Girl Documentary”

For this documentary, MBA student Angelica Gonzalez will travel to Kenya to explore the social pressures, cultural expectations, and modern interpretations of being a Maasai girl pursuing her independence and education. The Maasai culture is very patriarchal by tradition, and in some areas of Kenya, continues to perform certain rites and practices that would be considered dangerous and harmful to women.  The documentary will also be turned into a short web series.

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“El Bicho”

After breaking into a house to avoid police, five gangbangers realize the owner has an ancient, and very protective friend. “El Bicho” is a creature-feature comedy film in the spirit of 1980s classics like Gremlins, Critters, and Ghouls and stars a practical puppet.

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