St. John Paul II and Ronald Reagan: The Friendship That Changed History

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Episode 36: St. John Paul II and Ronald Reagan: The Friendship That Changed History
Featuring Paul Kengor

Venerable Pope Pius XII was the pope from 1939 to his death in 1958, straddling an extremely dangerous and unstable time in modern history. He was universally lauded as a hero after World War II for his brave and often risky strategy to counter the reckless Reich machine controlled by Adolph Hitler. Many Jews in particular wrote glowing tributes to this Pope, born Eugenio Pacelli. But a funny thing happened in 1963. A mediocre communist playwright named Rolf Hochhuth came out with an off-off-off Broadway play called The Deputy in which the Holy Father was portrayed as the Fuhrer’s lackie. That was the beginning of a PR campaign to smear the late great pope’s person and legacy. Professor of Law at Ole Miss, Ron Rychlak has specialized in telling the truth and countering the bold lies about Pope Pius XII. his work has been praised by an eclectic array of scholars and leaders, including the Jewish Gary Krupp and Rabbi Eric Silver. If you’ve ever been tongue-tied when you hear solemn nonsense about “Hitler’s Pope,” this is the interview for you. Professor Rychlak has written or edited books that make good use of his legal mind with lots of meticulous research, including the very readable, Hitler, the War, and the Pope.

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