Forced Speech Comes to Canada? Dr Jordan Peterson and Senator Don Plett

In Podcasts, The Patrick Coffin Show by John LaCrosse

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The question mark is facetious. More and more men of good will around the world are waking up to what happened on June 2017. That was the day Bill C-16 got Royal assent and became law in Canada. It adds “gender expression” and “gender identity” as a protected ground to the Canadian Human Rights Act and to the Criminal Code provisions dealing with hate propaganda, incitement to genocide, and aggravating factors in sentencing. Trans-lation? Misgendering someone (say, a “non-binary” or “trans person”) in Canada is now against the law, alongside hate propaganda, and incitement to genocide. Its defenders are playing a game called antics with semantics as to whether it compels speech. We’ll see what the real world punishments are soon enough. I sat down with the highest profile critic of Bill C-16, University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson, and Sen. Don Plett of Manitoba, one of the few Canadian Senators who opposed the bill’s passage. Was this bill adequately debated? How does it manifest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s mandate to institutionalize what is essentially a totalitarian impulse? What’s really going on here? In this two-guest conversation, Dr. Peterson and Sen. Plett tell us what might constitute the next right step in abolishing and rolling back the effects of the law that imposes an extremist agenda on 9.75% of Canadians. America, you may be next. Elections matter, almost as much as culture.