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The World is Not Your Oyster

In Thought Leadership, Videos by Impact Admin

Fr. Andrew Younan, Professor of Philosophy, gives the charge to the graduates. This speech was given at JPCatholic’s 9th Annual Commencement Ceremony on September 1st, 2017. For all the 2017 Graduation speeches, click here.

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How to Respond to Atheists

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Fr. Andy answers a caller’s question on how to respond to atheists or others who don’t hold the same beliefs as you. Fr. Andy is a Chaldean Catholic priest and Professor of Philosophy at JPCatholic. This video was recorded as part of an interview Fr. Andy did with Catholic Answers which aired on August 11th, 2017. You can find the …

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From Lawyer to Actor

In Faith, Film, and Culture, Thought Leadership by Impact Admin

In this Faculty Insights interview, Prof. Shun Lee Fong and Josh Reznicek discuss Shun Lee’s journey from working as a lawyer in Nebraska to acting and writing in Hollywood. Shun Lee also discusses The Greenhouse Productions, an incubator for creative artists in Hollywood. For more info on the Greenhouse, click here!

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Future of Work in an Automated Age

In Thought Leadership by John LaCrosse

Are robots stealing our jobs? Three of JPCatholic’s faculty discuss the promises and perils of the automation of labor. Join Dr. Kincaid, Dr. Harmon, and Dr. Peterson as they discuss culture, leisure, education, and what happens when our jobs become outsourced to automated robots.

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The Power of Super Hero Stories

In Faith, Film, and Culture, Thought Leadership by John LaCrosse

In this bonus clip from our Faculty Insights Interview, filmmaker Nathan Scoggins discusses the role that stories play in bringing good news to audiences, specifically super-hero movies. To watch the entire Faculty Insights Interview with Professor Nathan Scoggins click here. If you like super hero movies, click here to read our review of the new superhero movie Logan.