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Too Little, Too Late: 13 Reasons Why

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— By Carly Twehous — [Warning for spoilers and discussion on suicide.] Since it hit Netflix last month, 13 Reasons Why has been a subject of debate, discussion, and deliberation among both critics and the general audiences. Whether negative or positive, 13 Reasons has caused quite a stir, given its graphic depiction of suicide in the final episode. School districts …

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The Perils of Corporate Omniscience: The Circle Review

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(2017—Director: James Ponsoldt) ★★ (out of 5 stars) One of The Circle’s first trailers, released last December, starts off with a modified version of the scene in which Emma Watson’s character undergoes an interview for a job at the titular Internet corporation. The interviewer presses her, “You’re most scared of…?” to which she replies, “Unfulfilled potential.” In that case, the …

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The Darkest Corners of the Internet

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An Open Discussion on Fan-Fiction Part Two: The Darkest Corners of the Internet By Carly Twehous If we’re going to have an open and frank discussion on fan-fiction, I believe it is important to first get the facts straight. Of the main platforms of fan-fiction distribution—Archive of Our Own (AO3), Tumblr,, and LiveJournal—only AO3 has a sufficient enough tagging …

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The Human Person as Gift – Lecture by Dr. Michael Barber

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This lecture was given by JPCatholic’s Dr. Michael Barber, at the “Footsteps in Faith” Conference on February 4th and 5th, 2017. Both Dr. Michael Barber and Dr. Scott Hahn were guest speakers at this year’s conference. The conference was held in Lubbock, Texas, and this year’s theme was “The Human Family…Reflection of the Holy Trinity.”  

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Do You Believe?

In Fr. Pagano Scripture Reflections, Scripture Reflections by John LaCrosse

Fr. Richard Pagano reflects on the readings for the third Sunday of Easter (April 30, 2017).  In this week’s Gospel we hear about the Road to Emmaus.  Fr. Pagano reminds us that Christ wants to journey with us, just as he did with his two disciples on the road to Emmaus. Fr. Pagano is a Roman Catholic priest from the Diocese …