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My Start in Hollywood: A Catholic’s Reflection

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— By Aaron McAfee — It’s always been a surreal experience driving past famous landmarks in Los Angeles. Disney’s animation studio, ABC’s tower, Sony’s lot, and Paramount have this daunting presence that’s hard for me to put into words. When I pass those studios I always think “Wow, every year something happens in these buildings that will eventually reach the …

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The 4-Hour Film Challenge

In Creativity and Innovation on Campus by John LaCrosse

(Pictured: A scene from the short film “Life,” which won the 4-Hour Film Challenge. The film was made by Maria Oscilowski, Colton Machado, Vince Salerno, Austin Matte, and Annie Bucheit. Watch “Life” here.) — By Hannah Dorss — We recently saw the inauguration of an event that will doubtless become a classic in the JPCatholic community. The event, called “The 4-Hour Film Challenge,” …

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Interning at a World-Class Theatre: A Student’s Perspective

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— By Hannah Dorss — Sometimes the most spontaneous, least-anticipated opportunities are the best ones. Although I had not planned on interning while at JPCatholic, God had other plans. When I randomly found the listing for internships at the world-renown Old Globe Theatre in San Diego, I knew that I was meant to intern there. Although I knew it was …

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Film Students Travel to ‘Endor’ to Shoot ‘Star Wars’ Fan Film

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–By Denis Grasska — (Originally published in The Southern Cross) SAN DIEGO — During the first day of production on his most recent film, Preston Yarger was concerned for the well-being of his cast and crew. “It was 40 degrees and raining all day long, and everyone was soaked to the bone and just completely shivering,” the 21-year-old recalled. But as it turned …