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7 Books That Should Be Adapted For Film

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– By Amanda Valdovinos – It’s no secret that the trend of adapting books, short stories, and other published material to the big screen is on the rise in Hollywood. Literature has always been one of the first sources for the film industry to draw on for inspiration, but why the sudden influx of material …

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The World is Not Your Oyster

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Fr. Andrew Younan, Professor of Philosophy, gives the charge to the graduates. This speech was given at JPCatholic’s 9th Annual Commencement Ceremony on September 1st, 2017. For all the 2017 Graduation speeches, click here.

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For the Season of Grace and Redemption: 10 Movies to Watch During Lent

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–By Sam Hendrian– Well, the season of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving is upon us once again, and people will be scrambling to find something to give up or good deeds/spiritually-fruitful activities to perform. While watching movies may not be everyone’s idea of a fruitful Lenten activity (some people respectably sacrifice television for the season), there …

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The Transcendence of Paul Simon’s Music

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– By Sam Hendrian – Music always has and always will have the power to lift up our souls towards the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. The songs of legendary musician Paul Simon have achieved this noble purpose multiple times throughout the years. Fueled by poignant spiritual pondering and immense emotional honesty, much of Simon’s …