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The Little Things in Life: 10 Terrific Movies About Gratitude

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–By Sam Hendrian– Officially instituted by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863, Thanksgiving is a beloved American holiday with a universal appeal. Gratitude is a virtue that no good-hearted person wants to suppress, and Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity to let it flow freely. Cinematic history is filled with movies that extol this great virtue, sometimes …

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Will ‘Quibi’ Revolutionize the Way We Watch TV… Or Is It Destined To Fail?

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– By James Powers – Hollywood producing giant Jeffrey Katzenberg has some big plans afoot, although you may not have heard about them quite yet. Katzenberg, the former Disney chairman who went on to co-found Dreamworks (thus giving us, among other things, the animation Burger King to Disney’s animation McDonald’s, but that’s a different story), …

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An Uncommon Veteran: What Mr. Rogers Teaches Us About Winning the War Against Worrying

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–By Sam Hendrian– It’s you I like/It’s not the things you wear/It’s not the way you do your hair/But it’s you I like. These simple yet profound song lyrics help summarize the heroic mission of Fred Rogers, the legendary children’s television host who is profiled in the acclaimed 2018 documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor? …

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Why Animated Shows Like ‘Avatar’ and ‘The Dragon Prince’ Aren’t Just For Kids

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– By Tyler Carlos – Spoilers Below Traditionally, there has always been a hard line between television shows that are for adults and what television shows are for children, and we still see it everywhere in media today. Most television series aimed at grown-up audiences appear on the traditional networks, like ABC and NBC, or …

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Technology Vs. Humanity: Why ‘Next Gen’ Is the Most Important Movie of 2018

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– By Amanda Valdovinos – Spoilers below. Amid the current saturation of dystopian and sci-fi content in the media industry, the vast majority of Netflix viewers may have missed last week’s release of the Netflix original animated film Next Gen. At first glance, Next Gen camouflages as “another cute robot film” in the same vein …